Message from the Desk of Chairman & Chief Mentor

Arun Bhutani

I welcome you all, on behalf of the Team iMentors, a learning platform for e-Generation.

Being in the education field for last 27 years, we have seen many trends come and go. While few have just been a fad, some of them have been very innovative and have stayed with us to date. An important aspect we have observed is, that no matter when and how a change occurs in the education industry, students welcome the change, in spite of few difficulties they face to adapt the same.

Every innovative change has created new opportunities. One of the latest
innovations in education, which we believe is the future and will stay on, is
    E-learning. It has many advantages, not just for the students but for every stakeholder involved.

Keeping in mind that our students have been learning in classroom mainly, new changes have to be introduced effortlessly.

While starting iMentors, one of our primary focus was helping students in smooth transition from traditional classroom training to E-learning, using the new technology. Hence, iMentors has designed a model of teaching where in, we will continue to teach students in the classroom along with the online classes.

We have observed that the students have to face multiple peer pressures and meet the expectation from various directions, even at the cost of living a life they desire.

We have enabled students to learn at their own pace & comfort allowing them the independence to live a better life.

One of the biggest challenges students & parents are facing is to nourish the inbuilt talent and make a career in the area of their passion. I am glad that our team is committed to clear these confusions and help them steer in the right direction.

The Team at iMentors is committed to innovate & adapt new technologies to help students succeed in every sphere of life.

I would like to emphasis the most important belief upon which iMentors is established. Every teacher & every student should be a mentor, to spread the learning.

We make you dream and enable you to realise the same.

All the Very Best for your great future and a life full of Celebrations...

Thank You

About Us


To enable every student to succeed in life, by performing to their enhanced potential, through innovations and mentoring par excellence.


To become the Architect of the innovative education system, where student is free to look beyond Marks and choose a career, best suited to him, train him to lead a life full of values and celebrations.

To be the most preferred and trusted partners for innovative solutions in education, for Parents, students and tutors of the e-generation


  • Our core values are driven by the desire to improve life through education and achieve excellence by closing the gaps in the education sector.
  • Openness, integrity, learner engagement, efficient use of technology and being valuable to society are the pillars of core values upon which iMentors stand.