Career Counselling

Do you have aspirations but need a mentor to put them into shape?

Like our name suggests, we would like to help you transform your aspiration into an achievement.

India has so much potential, especially its youth. Our students are good learners and are making a mark on the world. We have CEOs from our country in two of the biggest companies of the world; Google and Microsoft. We have scientists and researchers across various fields. And to top it all, we have so many startups and e-commerce companies commenced by youngsters who are challenging the very concept of how companies are supposed to run and profit.

Can you tell us what two things all of them have in common?

Well, the zeal to make a change in society and understanding the path they need to follow to make that change. While some of them chose a path themselves and learnt from their own mistakes, some of them were willing to take help of experts to understand what exactly their aptitude is most useful for and how it can be mapped with their interests.

iMentors brings to you the DMIA test. Understand your capabilities and aptitude in a better and detailed manner. Use it to work more effectively towards success in your career.

Not everyone gets the chance to do what they want with their lives. A proper guidance from experienced mentors can help change that.

Let iMentors help you achieve your goals!!

Career Counselling